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RU Version – Boat Docking Simulation

Boat Docking Simulation – Maneuvering in Marinas (Russian Version)

  • Boat handling (cruising techniques)
  • Interactive lessons clearly explained
  • All techniques, step by step with full animations
  • More than 250 illustrations and
  • Full boat simulation with many options

The course “Boat Docking Simulator” contains all-important basics with regards to docking and undocking techniques. All techniques can be simulated in the Marina Simulator under different conditions or be viewed step by step by means of interactive films. For example, various possible docking techniques are presented.

In addition to the basics such as boat types, leeway, prop walk, undocking, also common rookie mistakes are presented and explained. The Windows version is ideally suited for presentation purposes and also contains exercises that can be performed with the crew whilst aboard.


p1 Appstore: coming soon
Windows/MacOS: 29,90 Euro ( 3 installs)
Plattform: Alle
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Sailing Schools

For Sailing schools the program is free for Windows or Macintosh systems. Please contact us.


Crew instruction, Language on Bord, Safety on
Bord, Types of boats, Marinas, Berths
Physic engine is deriving weather conditions like wind . supported is the prop walk, Wind strength, Leeway
and advance, Flow to rudder blade, Twin rudders and more to come in future versions.
Cruise Technique
Basics, Prop Walk, Leeway and Advance,
Influence on Wind, Leading Maneuver, Flow to
the Rudder Blade, Using the Lever, Turning
with Prop Walk, The Bow Thruster, Twin
Rudders, Rookie Mistakes
Berthing, Docking
Alongside, Alongside with Bow Thruster,
Thrusting into Stern Line, Thrusting into
Amidspring, Thrusting into Bow Spring, Med
Mooring, Pile Berthing, Finger Jetties, Med
Mooring with Anchor
Preparations, Stern First with Bow Spring, Bow
First with Stern Line, Alongside with Bow Thruster,
Med Mooring – Basics, Med Mooring, Using
Amidspring, Pile Berths
Basics, Mooring at a Buoy, Mooring using
Prop Walk, Stern-to, Mooring under Sails,
Cast off Buoy
Basics, Anchorage, Anchor Maneuver,
Landfast Maneuver, Med Mooring