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Boat Docking 2.0 – with Simulator

  • All manoeuvres explained step by step
  • Basics of boat handling
  • Docking and undocking manoeuvres
  • Anchor and buoy manoeuvres
  • The perfect addition to practical training
  • Over 200 images and animations
  • With integrated simulator (try manoeuvres by yourself)

The Boat Docking 2.0 App contains all important basics for manoeuvering a boat in a marina. The manoeuvres can be played step by step as an interactive film. For example, various options are shown for a mooring manoeuvre.

A boat simulator is also integrated, with which you can test and try out all the manoeuvres by yourself. Lines are already prepared and can be easily operated with the mouse or fingers. So far the following have been implemented: Prop walk, Leway, Prop wash, wind, gusts,  torque and much more. With the autopilot you can also have a manoeuvre carried out automatically. Ideal for showing to the team.

In addition to the basics such as boat types, drift, Prop walk,  common rookie mistakes are also explained and illustrated. The Windows version is ideally suited as a lecture medium and also contains exercises that can be imitated with the crew on the ship.


Windows/MacOS:  25,00 Euro
Appstore/Google Play:     26,00 Euro

Cross-Plattform Version: If purchased for Windows/MacOS, the versions are for
IOS and Android available free of charge. (Download from stores and enter username and password)
You can use the APP on up to 5 devices.

Der Download des Programmes wird dir  bei Bestellung sofort zugesandt.

This product has a 60 days money back guarantee.

Sailing Schools

For sailing schools, the app is now available for Windows and MacOS as a sailing school license. Please request at